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Mac OS X 10.10 Released

About: Today Apple has released Mac OS X 20.10 for free from the App Store. Later this evening I will be releasing a updated install guide for Rhodes users who are ready to switch to the new OS. Advertisements

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PNY GTX 660 Ti Review

About: Mac OS X supports the majority of Nvidia and AMD GPU’s. Then there are so many brands offering the same cards. So how to choose which card to purchase and which brand? Another thing to consider is what you … Continue reading

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Wifi Solution On A Hackintosh

About: Countless users who own desktops need wifi on there system for various reasons. But when looking at the selection of vendors offering of Mac OS X compatible cards there is a lot to be desired. So what is the … Continue reading

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Nvidia GTX Titian For Mac

About: The Nvidia GTX Titan has been out on the market for several month. However users did not have access to any working drivers for the card and installing 10.8.3 update made the system un-bootable with the card installed. Since … Continue reading

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RocketRAID 2720SGL

About: A few weeks ago with the help of generous donations I was able to purchase RocketRAID 2720SGL SAS Raid Card. This card allows for the possibility to use raid for Mac OS X installs since it is natively supported. For … Continue reading

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About: As you can see I will begin to provide hardware reviews as it pertains to Hackintoshes. In the next few weeks I will be bring reviews of Graphic Cards, Mother Boards, Add-On Cards and more. I am looking forward … Continue reading

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Nvidia Tesla On Mac OS X

Review: Nvidia Tesla Graphic Processing Units Accelerators turn standard PCs and workstations into personal supercomputers. Powered by CUDA – the world’s most pervasive parallel-computing model Tesla GPU Accelerators for workstations deliver cluster level performance right at your desk.

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